Coming Soon in 2020

Named for Delhi, the famous Indian cosmopolis, and Damascus, a bustling Syrian metropolis, Delhi to Damascus is an artistic take on the cultural bond these two civilizations have shared over the millennia. It is not just an album, but a quest to start a conversation, spark compassion, and instill a greater understanding between people of all backgrounds. The sooner we open the doors and windows of our hearts to other people and cultures and realize that we have more in common than we are different, the sooner we will become a more loving global community.

Performed on some of each country’s most iconic traditional instruments, our upcoming album will feature an eclectic combination of original compositions, new arrangements of traditional music, and dynamic interplay between the ancient musical heritages of India and Syria. I have always deeply felt that humanity is my community and music my tool to serve it– I hope you join us on this journey where, together, we can transcend borders one note at a time.


Artists from left to right: Rajib Karmakar (Sitar), Kinan Adnwai (Oud),

Suhail Yusuf Khan (Sarangi), and Sandeep Das (Tabla)

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