(1) D2D Album Cover3.jpg
(1) D2D Album Cover3.jpg

The Delhi to Damascus Kickstarter was successful!

Delhi to Damascus is a new album by Tabla Maestro Sandeep Das featuring a unique collaboration between Indian and Middle Eastern traditional music in a series of new compositions, arrangements, and improvisations. 


"The inspiration for the Delhi to Damascus project came a couple of years ago when, while listening to a world music concert performed by my students, I was struck with something simple and yet profound. With the change of a single musical note, I was seamlessly traveling from one country to another, without needing a passport, a visa, or even getting on a flight! Many of you may have experienced this power of music that evokes memories... Read more on Kickstarter!


Rajib Karmakar

Kinan Adnawi


Yusuf Khan



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