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18,887 Km in... Three Days!?!

Yes, incredible distance isn't it? As traveling musicians, we log in amazing distances without even realising it. First I was in China, then I was home for a day, and then the next I was off to Argentina. Sometimes it's easy to forget what time zone, or even what hemisphere, I'm in! 

Well anyways, I got to be a rockstar for a day with my brother and fellow musician Wu Tong and performed with his band in Changsha, China! Also a part of the performance was an awesome international cast of guest artists including Rajib Karmakar on the Sitar, Anxo Pintos from Spain on the Bagpipes and Hurdy Gurdy, Sugar Blue on the Jazz Harmonica (originally from the USA and now living in China), and Michael Ward-Bergeman on the Accordion. 


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