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Argentina: Dessert, Football, & Music

I thought Argentina was all about "Football" (...ahem, ahem the *real* one and not what Football means here in the USA...), but I was surprised to see candy, sweets and dessert stores at every nook and corner! And boy oh boy did I have tons of one of it's favorite desserts– the Choco Torta!!!!

Visiting this amazing country as part of the New Docta festival, I had the incredible opportunity to play concerts, give workshops, and, most importantly, meet and work with kids from an impoverished background and share in a bit of their joy and happiness. Kudos to the directors Sami & Solange Merdinian and Yves Dharamraj, and my fellow guest artists Vasko Dukovski (clarinet) and Audrey Vardanega (piano). All of you were mind-blowing, loving, and great to work with!

And hey, I found a family in Mami Lilian and Papi Juan Merdinian...and not to forget, thanks to the generosity of the hosts I also got to see a real Football game!!!!



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