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Come Fly With Me! Spring 2019 Concert Tour

The latest edition of my newsletter is out– check it out here and sign up if you haven't already! Below is some info on this season's upcoming performances.

March 2019
  • Mar. 14th: Auckland Arts Festival (AU) - Tickets

  • Mar. 15th & 16th: WOMAdelaide (AU) - Tickets

  • Mar. 23rd: Soul Yatra Trio (Boston) - Tickets

April 2019
  • Apr. 11th: Silkroad Lecture (Elizabethtown, PA) - Info

  • Apr. 26th: Silkroad (Santa Barbara, CA) - Tickets

  • Apr. 28th: Silkroad (Northridge, CA) - Tickets

  • Apr. 30th: Silkroad (Costa Mesa, CA) - Tickets

May 2019
  • May 3rd: Silkroad (Berkeley, CA) - Tickets

  • May 5th: Silkroad (Washington, D.C.) - Tickets

  • May 11th: South Bend Symphony (South Bend, IN) - Tickets

July 2019
  • Jul. 3rd - 7th: Das Music Camp (Woodstock, CT) - Info

Stay tuned for more! Calendar updates are regularly posted on Facebook and


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