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HUM-LANXESS National Scholarship For The Specially-Abled In The Field of Arts

HUM Scholars at the Scholarship Launch

HUM, with the support of German multi-national firm Lanxess, launched the First National Scholarship for Specially-abled children to learn any form of art.

The scholarship is formally called the HUM-LANXESS National Scholarship for the Specially-Abled.

It was a long standing dream of HUM…which now stands fulfilled. HUM hopes to add new students every year who gets it’s support.

The first three recipients of the scholarship are:

Abhishek Bhola was named the Pt. Kishan Maharaj Fellow of the Arts, named after the legendary Tabla Maestro and Sandeep’s Guru.

Chetna Nagpal was named Yo-Yo Ma Fellow of the Arts. The legendary cellist who is not only one of the greatest artists that Sandeep has met, but one who has shaped his vision towards life.

Shweta Singh was named Kashinath Dass Fellow of the Arts. Sandeep's father, who had the vision to shape Sandeep initiation into the arts and life!

Eminent people attended the launch. Director General of ICCR, Sri. Suresh Goyal, Pt. Debu Chaudury, Sitar Maestro, Aman Ali Khan, Sarod star were some of the names…..more to come!


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