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HUM... Power of We!

HUM means “WE” in Hindi. The Organisation HUM is not about “You”, or “I”… it is about “US”!

It’s not about the ”ME” generation it is about the “WE” generation! It will try to deal with matters that concern us. The future of our kids, the nations and this planet Earth!!!

Why HUM?

For the last 3-4 years one question that kept haunting me was, “What am I doing to carry forward the great movement that Yo-Yo Ma has started in the form of The Silk Road Project?” Deep in my heart I wondered, "Wouldn’t it be great if I could start something in India? Make an ensemble in India and get my friends from the Silk Road Ensemble to come and share the musical treasures they have with the younger generation of musicians of India? Get my friends from all over to come and do similar sharing?"

Similar groups can be made in these different countries. Wu Tong already has one in China. Maybe one day these smaller ensembles can come together and carry the great movement of sharing and getting to know the commonalities in our cultures and traditions forward? Would it happen? We wouldn’t know till we have tried. Thus HUM!!!

Why HUM?

Well I think India is facing it’s greatest invasion in the form of television! No “Timur Lang” no Mongol or any foreign invader has probably wrecked more havoc in this country than what this present form of television is doing.

They came and could devastate and plunder areas that they could reach, but they never enjoyed the penetration that T.V. has today. It reaches the homes in almost the remotest parts of India, Unhindered and Unchallenged! Do I have to mention that the worth of most of the things presented is not even worth mentioning?

The only thing that matters are the 3 C’s,? Cricket, Cinema and Crime?

HUM will try to touch the smallest fraction of the younger generation and make them understand that there is much more than what they see on the idiot box. That the moment they step out into this big world they will be asked many more questions than they probably are ready for. And if HUM has a positive influence on even one Indian kid…I think we would be proud of ourselves.

Why HUM?

Whether we like it or not, the more I travel and perform all over the world…the more I realize how much we all have shared from one or the other cultures all over the world. This makes me feel more responsible towards preserving what we have and also about sharing it with the next generation!

I can go on but will stop here…a look into our HUM page will give you more insight about what we intend to do.

With this I say hello to the world , do wish us luck so that WE succeed in our mission!!!!


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