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Spring 2019 Tour Schedule

A serene glimpse of the sunset atop Mount Eden in New Zealand!


March 2019
  • Mar. 23rd: Soul Yatra Trio (Boston)

  • Mar. 28th: Silkroad (North Carolina)

  • Mar. 29th: Silkroad (Athens, GA)

April 2019
  • Apr. 11th: Ware Lecture / Silkroad (Elizabethtown, PA)

  • Apr. 26th: Silkroad (Santa Barbara, CA)

  • Apr. 28th: Silkroad (Northridge, CA)

  • Apr. 30th: Silkroad (Costa Mesa, CA)

May 2019
  • May 3rd: Silkroad (Berkeley, CA)

  • May 5th: Silkroad (Washington, D.C.)

  • May 11th: South Bend Symphony (South Bend, IN)

July 2019
  • Jul. 3rd - 7th: Das Music Camp (Woodstock, CT)


Stay tuned for more! Calendar updates are regularly posted on Facebook and


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