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The Delhi to Damascus Kickstarter was Successful!

Dear All,

With your support and love, we have crossed our target. Arts of all kind have always needed patrons, It is patrons and believers like you, that have historically made it possible for artists to produce work of merit.

Work that is not just producing another album, but something which says we care, we believe and we will overcome!

Thank you all once more. I will keep you updated with the progress, and will be kept up to date with information regarding the launch. A heartfelt thank you to all of you for you support of the album!

"The inspiration for the Delhi to Damascus project came a couple of years ago when, while listening to a world music concert performed by my students, I was struck with something simple and yet profound. With the change of a single musical note, I was seamlessly traveling from one country to another, without needing a passport, a visa, or even getting on a flight! Many of you may have experienced this power of music that evokes memories... Read more on Kickstarter!


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