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"We" Made it Happen!

When I turn around and think of it…I am amazed that it has already been two years since HUM came to life. What started as a thought in Chicago is already taking shape in India. That one seed that I took from the Tree, that the Silk Road Project of Yo-Yo Ma is, is growing and is already 2 years old.

I know that the challenges ahead are immense but the very fact that we have made it till here, gives me strength and faith that yes, we can keeping striving and go on! Support and help may not have come from expected corners, but when things seemed to be insurmountable, support has come from totally unexpected sources.

Support of the mother organization SRE, support from my musician friends, be it from the SRE or their Indian counterparts, and support from members of TEAM HUM (all voluntary) is something without which HUM could not have moved an inch.

The overwhelming response that HUM has got in Delhi (2010-11), Kolkata (2010) and Mumbai (2011) from the general audience only strengthens our resolve to keep pegging and chipping in, and maybe HUM will make a difference, however small!

Thank you one and all for everything. The pictures and video is here and we will be posting them soon. Enjoy!


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