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Who are you, Mr. Sandeep Das?

One of the biggest and most prestigious of concert venues in Europe.

On stage…Sound check!

Total no. of artists…about 12. Sound check for an all-play piece!

Sandeep Das…one of them.

Nothing was going correct that sound check, and it would soon be time for the show to start.

Everyone had something to say and ask for from the sound engineer.

"I want more treble!" said someone.

"I, more bass!" said the other.

Sandeep Das also had something to say, and the chorus of unsatisfied artists was getting louder and louder! No one knew what would happen next.

When suddenly, as Sandeep was also asking for better sound, he realized that there was one man who had not uttered a single word throughout all this confusion… and that man was sitting next to him on a chair.

And the sheer silence that emanated from that individual taught Sandeep another important lesson of his life!

“Is the concert hall of 5000 seats sold out for you?” was the first question that seemed so obvious to Sandeep suddenly.

“Who are you, Mr. Sandeep Das?” was the next to hit him.

It is he, who should be shouting the most about sound. It is he, who should be the most worried about the sound… yet it is he who has been absolutely quiet through the entire episode?

Wow! The realization was just killing! Without uttering a single word, that man was giving a lesson worth millions for an artist…any artist!

Ever since, as soon as Sandeep Das realizes that this is what he is going to get on a particular night, he remembers this man and steps back with a smile. The cool and relaxed feeling that follows… makes it easier to play a good concert than not… always!

Don’t take my word, try it!

Does anyone need to know, still, Why Sandeep is just spell bound by this man, Yo-Yo Ma?


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